Grace at a conference

Who is She?

I love life, and I’m such a dreamer. I believe in many possibilities. I come up with a million ideas on how to achieve my goals. The challenge is to narrow down and pick one to go with.

I draw my inspiration from everyday living, my family - my mother especially, my friends. I also get inspired by other people’s success. I love to empower, encourage and support.

I can do several things well; cook, bake, organize events, laugh at myself, embarrass myself and the list goes on. The difficulty I had for the longest time was deciding which one of these I wanted to do as a business.

I meander through the days as a trainer, author, business owner and a volunteer for community service. Although I travel the country for various projects and meetings, I anchor in Nakuru.

Business Owner
Community Service

I train and coach on workplace preparedness. My demographic of choice in this are the youth. I am passionate about developing them and guiding them to lead fulfilling lives quickly.

My trainings involves equipping the participants for a productive life in employment or self employment as well as how they can survive and thrive in the workplace.

It is imperative that the students work at the attributes employers look for in addition to whatever discipline of study they are embarking on. Most jobseekers miss out on job opportunities because of lack of employability values and skills employers look for and further are unable to demonstrate their use in an interview.

The book is a result of; my own experience as an employee and business owner, consultations with various employers, human resource professionals, students as well as some lecturers.

After trying several ventures, I have discovered that I thrive on businesses that involve working with people but do not involve a lot of everyday engagement in the office and therefore, as I embark on more projects, knowing what areas to focus on has kept me grounded and motivated.

I have sat on the board of various organizations – Nakuru Business Association, Business and Professional Women Club (Kenya Chapter), Workforce Development Global Alliance, Kenya, and I coordinate activities for Nakuru County Business Management Organisation Coalition.

I am the founder of Mulika Initiative which is a platform that promotes and facilitates citizens participating in national security.