25 Employability Facts to Note

  1. With adequate preparation you can land any entry level position.
  2. Jobs do not necessarily go to the best at the job but the best interviewed.
  3. Most employers say they have jobs to fill but cannot find the right people.
  4. Jobs are nowadays found in internships.
  5. You do not need to travel to Nairobi to get a job. There are many jobs available in other counties.
  6. In the interview process, the employer want s you to say/talk about your attributes. You have to tell a story on how you have used the attributes you say you have.
  7. Even with a PhD, you cannot compete with someone with experience if you do not have any. You have to get employability skills ASAP.
  8. If you stop texting in shorthand, you will improve your spelling and communication skills tenfold.
  9. You have to communicate in full words and good English all the time for it to come naturally. It is not big words that impress but fluent communication without sheng.
  10. Expect to live frugally for the first few years of your employment
  11. Your first job will most probably not cover all your bills.
  12. Your application letter and CV should be only one page each.
  13. One job advert attracts an average of 1000 applications.
  14. The values, skills and qualities you need for employment are the same that will propel you to success in self employment.
  15. Staying home doing nothing or surfing the net the whole day is not an option.
  16. A degree does not guarantee a job, career or even internship. It is merely a passport to the real world.
  17. After you clear college, you are now just like any other job seeker out there.
  18. Your first job will not be your forever job. Do not worry too much. Give yourself a chance to learn and grow.
  19. To get the job, you have to dress the part. What job are you dressed for?
  20. Your dressing forms a perception about you. What would people say about the kind of person you are from your dressing? Is that the job you want?
  21. Your social media interactions can be used against you in a job interview.
  22. Time is one of the most important assets that you have. You have to use your time wisely.
  23. You have to take an interest in people for them to take an interest in you.
  24. You have to treat people well for them to treat you well.
  25. Looking for a job is a job