Looking at the rate of unemployment today, It is now evident that while still in college, students should take serious measures to make themselves employable. Contrary to popular belief, many students are able to get employment after college. This is mainly due to the fact that they are equipped with skills, attributes and attitudes that employers want.

Whether you will be employable or get into self employment successfully, will depend largely on your level of self awareness. To gain self awareness, you will have to work on these five areas;

  • 1. Identify the knowledge, abilities and skills that your degree is developing or developed.

This means you will be aware of every lesson and take measures to find out how it relates to the workplace. To do this, need I say that you have to be present for every course and not just physically, but also emotionally? Be engaged in class. Ask questions and participate enthusiastically in whatever activity you are given.

  • 2. Identify personal skills and how you can use them to get ahead

What do you do well? What are those things people are always commending you on. It is the way you explain yourself, is it your dressing, is it how you organize nice parties that everyone has fun? It is time to take stock of those skills that you use day to day that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Sometimes this becomes a difficult exercises because what we do well we take for granted and do not think much of it. Enroll your positive minded friends and relatives to give you a few of these skills which you exhibit. These are the skills you will keep in mind when applying for jobs or telling a would be employer what you are good at.

  • 3. Identify your interest and values as well as personality.

This is particularly important because when you apply for jobs you will need to demonstrate why you suit it more than the other candidates and the only way to do this is use your interests, and values so that you can convince the employer that the job at hand was made for you genetically so to speak. Besides identifying your values is the single most asset that will lead you to succeed in whatever your endeavors

  • 4. Identify your strengths and weakness and also areas that will need further growth.

Knowing your strengths reinforces the same in your subconscious and keeps you motivated and confident. Although not to dwell on, you can identify your weakness for the sole purpose of determining if they are hindering your growth in life, or if they are an impediment to your success in any area. If not then focusing and strengthening your strengths is a good way to go. Your weaknesses will also guide you to to avoid some pursuits. You will not reach your full potential through following your weaknesses.

  • 5. Take time to self reflect on your career and life. i.e. where you are headed.

This way, you are able to see the areas you need to improve and what new knowledge to acquire for you to get to the next step or the next level in life. This also means that you live life consciously. Knowing why you are doing what you are doing and if you should be doing what you are doing. This also keeps you from negative peer pressure and negative influences in your life.

When you do the above, you will ultimately be able to blend your key strengths, goals and motivation into a well rounded individual with a very strong sellable personal brand.